Choose to be a GREAT sports parent

A few years ago, my son’s basketball coach handed this article out during our parent meeting.  While I honestly don’t have a competitive bone in my body (yes, weird but I did marry into a highly competitive family) I don’t THINK that I have ever been one of “these parents”. I do however, know that it’s quite possible that I may someday succumb to wanting my child to succeed so much that I throw out a few words that I wish I could take back. I made a very good cheerleader in my younger years, I think that I will stick to that and simply cheer them on.  Just yesterday my 6 year old came to me crying because she couldn’t do a handstand using the wall, my cheer leading skills came in handy then and she had it mastered in 5 minutes.  Just a little something to think about.


Be a GREAT sports parent!